Bathroom Pods Benefits Cover Photo

Bathroom Pods Benefits

Why use Modular Bathroom Pods?

Building bathrooms on site accounts for significant time in your overall schedule. It can also cause many issues, including having to coordinate numerous trades in small areas, scheduling disruptions, poor quality finishes, safety issues, and more.  You can now avoid all of this by using Nu-Tek modular bathroom pods.

Nu-Tek modular bathroom pods are high-quality, efficient and offer exceptional value for money.  Made to order based on your specifications our pods are expertly crafted to fit seamlessly into your design.  Delivered to site and connected within mere hours, Nu-Tek modular bathroom pods offer a significant time and costs saving solution for your next project.

We manufacture our modular bathroom pods in our state-of-the-art indoor facility and then deliver them ready for installation. Working in a controlled environment means there are no delays to manufacturing your pods, and our own fleet of trucks ensures they are always delivered on time anywhere in Australia.

Australian designed and Australian made – just think of how much time and money you can save by using Nu-Tek modular bathroom pods on your next project!

Save Time

You can save significant time on your overall build by not having to wait for each bathroom to be completed on site.  Prefabricating your bathrooms means they are ready to be installed at the exact time you need them and connected within only hours.

Reduce Cost

By reducing your overall construction time, you’ll have your project completed and on the market sooner.  You’ll also reduce the amount of waste on site, which accounts for significant cost savings.

No Unexpected Delays

We manufacture our modular bathroom pods in a controlled environment, inside our state-of-the-art indoor facility, so there are never any delays due to weather or trades. Our facility’s power supply is backed up by high-powered generators so there is never any chance of downtime.

We also own our own fleet of trucks to ensure the timely delivery of your pods.

Made to Order

We will make your modular bathroom pod to your exact specifications so it fits seamlessly into your design and gives you the look and quality of finishes that perfectly complement your finished project.

Quality Assured

All stages of pod manufacture is closely monitored and quality controlled. This ensures any issues are identified, reviewed and rectified in a timely manner to ensure our performance exceeds the expectations of our clients.

Our commitment to quality and continual improvement provides all our clients with the assurance we will always meet the agreed outcomes and deliver exceptional results with every pod.

Budget Control

You’ll benefit from greater budget control by not having to manage individual trades that could impact your construction schedule.  We will deliver your modular bathroom pods to you on the exact day and time you require them.

Efficient Project Management

We will provide you with a professional and experienced project manager who will be available to you the duration of the project. This means you only need to speak with one person – as opposed to managing multiple onsite trades.

High-Quality Australian Made Product

Our modular bathroom pods are Australian made and manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility at Monarto South Australia.

Reduce Onsite Waste

Removing waste from site is a considerable cost on any project, so delivering your ready-to-install pods means cost savings and less fuss. Less waste on site also makes it a cleaner and safer site.